How can potCPA help you?

So you are entering the marijuana business or exploring your opportunities. Congratulations! It’s an exciting field but you probably already know that you have some difficult business challenges ahead. But I suspect that one of the areas least known and least comfortable are the business registration, accounting and reporting requirements.

Business success is based on early planning and often benefits from expert input from professionals outside the firm. That’s where I come in: helping to control costs, attract investment, gain approvals, design controls, and meet reporting requirements. I would love to hear about your plans and discuss how an experienced street-smart accountant can help smooth the way with government, investors and business interactions.

It’s easy and painless to schedule a chat. And I promise no pressure or obligation. I just want to have the opportunity to meet the local leaders in this industry, and vice versa.

Please use the chat box below or the scheduling link and I will respond promptly.

Best wishes for success in this exciting emerging industry! – Tony Novak CPA