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Month: August 2019

  • The role of the CFO in the marijuana business

    The role of the small business Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is typically described in four distinct functions. I describe my own CFO role as filling five functions in the emerging marijuana industry. #1 Recordkeeping The CFO has primary responsibility to assemble Antibiotics are like prescription. Gerber, who wasn’t found in the financing, found by logo.…

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  • Caution with CBD products

    (hold for CBD banner advertisement photo) I talked with two local small business owners this weekend who recently started marketing CBD products in their shops. One is a local health food drink maker and the other primarily markets beauty products. Both were completely unaware of the risks they take in selling CBD products. They are…

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  • Sara’s advice for entrepreneurs

    My business relationship with Sara Rosenberg, the Connector-in-Chief, is one of my greatest blessings. This excerpt is taken from one of her recent social media post as a sample of why I say this: “When you’re first starting out, and money is tight (or let’s be real, non-existent), you can do the following things for…

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  • All accountants are not created equal

    It’s all important, of course, and I’m grateful for these online communities that allow us to collaborate daily.

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