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Sara’s advice for entrepreneurs

My business relationship with Sara Rosenberg, the Connector-in-Chief, is one of my greatest blessings. This excerpt is taken from one of her recent social media post as a sample of why I say this:

“When you’re first starting out, and money is tight (or let’s be real, non-existent), you can do the following things for free, or damn near close to it, if you’re willing to learn:

1. Build a website (Wix and Godaddy are super easy and cheap.)
2. Create marketing collateral. (Canva and MS Publisher!)
3. Build a network and work it. (LinkedIn and Brynne Tillman’s book.
4. Learn a sales process (Book Yourself Solid)
5. Learn how to do social media the right way. (Gary V’s $1.80 Method)
6. Keep everything straight (ASANA or Trello)1
7. Keep track of your money (Freshbooks or Quickbooks)2
8. Everything else…. Google and Youtube are an entrepreneur’s BFFs!!”

Simple, right? In reality there is so much more and Sara stresses constant learning. Aligning with the best people can make a huge difference. All of the people and resources mentioned are top-notch.  

If you are planning a business or trying to ramp up your existing business these tools can be invaluable. I’d love to hear what’s working for you and where you see a need for improvement. Use the chat button below to send a message or use the scheduling link at the right to plan a free, no obligation introductory call.


1 As a small business accountant I spend a lot of time on this topic. It’s the single most important ingredient to business success. In a Microsoft Office 365 environment (mine and most other professional firms) I rely heavily on OneDrive and OneNote to keep information available, safe and organized. Pipedrive and Lastpass are also essential information organizers for me. I’ve written about and offer consults on each of these crucial starting block tools.

2 Yes, I’m Freshbooks and QuickBooks certified. I also offer simpler tools for start-ups. But, bottom line, if you aren’t devoting 1% to 2% of your time and money into financial management then you are headed toward disaster.

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