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Month: December 2019

  • Tax Court upholds “gross receipts method” to determine tax liability

    A recent U.S. Tax Court Case captioned “Raymond Chico and Ruby Chico v. Commissioner” , Respondent upheld the use of a very simple tax accounting tool by the IRS in determining the tax liability of a cannabis-related business. The IRS used the ‘gross receipts method’ to add up all receipts from all sources and determined…

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  • Tax Court upholds IRS over legal dispensary

    A recent U.S. Tax Court case challenged the ability of the Internal Revenue Service to deny all tax deductions as invalid for a cannabis-related business. The business “Northern California Small Business Assistants Inc.” was a legal dispensary in California. The Tax Court denied all of the arguments of the business as invalid and upheld the…

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  • What you should know about Worker’s Compensation Insurance

    Too many hardworking small business owners fall victim to false beliefs and rumors about the law and wind up risking everything. I have other helpful resources about workers compensation insurance to share once we know what applies in your specific situation. Reach me through the contact information at

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