All accountants are not created equal

It’s all important, of course, and I’m grateful for these online communities that allow us to collaborate daily.

All accountants are not created equal. That should be obvious.

Some are great at bookkeeping (I’m not. I automate or outsource as much as possible). Some crank out huge numbers of tax returns (I don’t. I do a few, maybe 50 mostly complex ones, and take my time on each one especially the messy or complicated ones). Others are great CFOs, focused on management procedure and internal controls. (I’m good at this but few of my small business clients are big enough to justify hiring for CFO services so I usually offer this service piecemeal incidental to another engagements).

But I notice that I’m stronger in one specific area than most others: business planning. That’s partly a result of formal education. That’s typical core MBA stuff. Then I had the benefit of some great business and tax planners in the Masters of Taxation program. My focus of study at law school was “Compensation Planning”. After that I was drilled in the financial planning strategy mindset through the many training programs on Wall Street and then in the first decade of my solo career. Now decades later, It is so ‘routine’ that I actually had to be reminded of this market position distinction by my marketing advisor.

Nowadays when I’m with other accountants, often in online webinars and group chats, I’m leading the discussion on strategy – focused on asking what is possible – while others focus on tax code requirements and better ways to get things done within the firm. It’s all important, of course, and I’m grateful for these online communities that allow us to collaborate daily.

So where does all this lead? It points to a consensus that I’m a good person to talk with when you are planning a business launch or change in strategy or a major financial move. At this early stage of marijuana industry development, many are seeking early input into financial aspects of their business plan. That’s the reason that offer free 30 minute consults. It gives me a chance to shine as a first impression doing what I do best.

So I encourage you to get a second opinion on your most important small business financial strategies by scheduling a 30 minute call. There’s no obligation and I welcome the chance to learn about your unique business situation. Use the link at the right or the chat box below to plan a time for us to introduce this discussion.

What you don’t know about taxes…

Have you ever wondered why you hear on TV that some taxpayer’s who do not pay their taxes can settle for “pennies on the dollar” while others less fortunate are prosecuted and go to jail? If you are one of the 1 in 15 persons in this country with serious tax delinquencies, it is critical to understand the distinctions under IRS rules.

It is clear that what people don’t know about taxes can hurt them; and often does! These tragic cases we read about in the news are typically people who did not realize that they needed professional representation BEFORE talking to the IRS. The combination of overconfidence and lack of legal know-how can be devastating.

That’s why I offer a free 30 minute tax consultation to discuss their tax issues, generally outline the options and suggest the best plan to move forward. There is no charge for this service, whether you decide to follow the advice offered or not. If I can offer you tips to resolve your tax debt from four decades of experience, then I’m pleased to do so.