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  • Looking past decriminalization

    This coming week our federal legislature will take up a bill to decriminalize cannabis. Most states, including ours, are attempting similar measures. But my form’s focus isn’t on these proceedings. In fact, we have little confidence in the near term outcome. That timeline really doesn’t matter in the big picture. What we know is that…

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  • The role of the CFO in the marijuana business

    The role of the small business Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is typically described in four distinct functions. I describe my own CFO role as filling five functions in the emerging marijuana industry. #1 Recordkeeping The CFO has primary responsibility to assemble, safeguard, manage and store the financial records of the company. This basic but necessary…

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  • Caution with CBD products

    (hold for CBD banner advertisement photo) I talked with two local small business owners this weekend who recently started marketing CBD products in their shops. One is a local health food drink maker and the other primarily markets beauty products. Both were completely unaware of the risks they take in selling CBD products. They are…

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  • Sara’s advice for entrepreneurs

    My business relationship with Sara Rosenberg, the Connector-in-Chief, is one of my greatest blessings. This excerpt is taken from one of her recent social media post as a sample of why I say this: “When you’re first starting out, and money is tight (or let’s be real, non-existent), you can do the following things for…

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